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Welcome to my website! I am a software programmer who loves playing and developing video games.

There is a lot of Graphics content on this site, but I have recently rebranded to a VR dev and shader writer. The older content is left up because I find it to have educational value.

Stay here to read the About Me section or click the button to check out my projects.

Also, don't forget to stop by my blog on the way out to read about my adventures in software dev!

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Software Engineering



Game Development​



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My name is Nicholas Iebba! I earned my BoS at RIT in Game Design and Development, and I love making games as much I do playing them! 

My professional experience (seen below) has allowed me to strengthen my programming skills in a fast-paced environment. As I continue to develop my career, I'm focusing on Virtual Reality and C#, and the experiences I can make with it.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. While you're here, please check out my cool projects and programming blog!


Software Developer/Test Engineer
Schneider Electric (Andover, MA)
Years: 2018-2020, Type: Full-time
Responsibilities: Software development with C# .NET, researching emerging technologies, supporting customers using our middleware framework.
Digital Developer Intern
Doner Advertising (Cleveland, OH)
Year: 2015, Type: Internship
Responsibilities: HTML and Javascript programming, .LESS stylesheets, mobile market research
Programmer, VR Developer (Unity)
Virtuo Studios (Boston, MA)
Years: 2018-2019, Type: Startup
Responsibilities: C# Programmer, VR Development in Unity, adding game controls, bug testing
Software Information Architect
Sikorsky Aircraft (Rochester, NY)
Year: 2016, Type: Internship
Responsibilities: C# and ASP.NET programming, unit testing, software development.
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